Thursday, October 13, 2011

how did that happen?

Hi, my name is Torsten Flaegel, and I am 33 years old.
I worked ten years as a property manager to find out that this was not really what I wanted to do forever. A couple of job interviews later it became clear: to move on to a new challenge I had to go back to school.

While I was curious about any social, economic and ecological aspects when I started to study urban planning, I soon realized I had a strong passion for finding solutions on the environmental pollution that affects our lives incrementally. After finishing studies in Germany I was finally able to move to NYC, where my wife awaited my arrival.

Solar power systems turn out to be the best way to lower emissions in cities, which host more than 50% of the world population already. In combination with the one demand I had on my new job, being that I desire to be on my feet most of the time instead of sitting on my behind, the field I would want to go into became more and more clear. The growing number of organic markets shows that New Yorkers can't get enough of becoming green these days, so I chose to do my thing and go yellow.

Three days ago it was my first day at REW Solar NYC, where I will work as a Residential Sales Consultant to not only help New Yorkers obtain free access to energy, but also to increase the value of their house, creating a true win-win situation for everybody ( I must admit that bringing home money is also one aspect in the back of my head).

Located right next to New Jersey, which is the second biggest market for solar systems in the US, the NY market is expected to evolve in 2012. Differing local restrictions even among the borroughs make this market quite a complicated one, which is why we team up with different companies to gather know-how in all the fields, like installations, planning etc..

It is my pleasure to share with you what the workdays, trainings, conferences, meetings and phone calls that lie ahead of me will teach me, and therefore you if you will.

What do you think? Looking forward to read your comments.

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  1. Very impressed!!!!
    looking forward to your journey!!!