Monday, October 24, 2011

"Astoria, NY, has 10 nuclear power plants in 200 miles zone"

Not too long after the latest Chernobyl in Japan, the government of my home country, Germany, decided to get out of nuclear power asap. Now asap doesn't mean tomorrow in this case, but this decision still means a whole lot for the whole economy, for the country, and also for the people. I feel like their attitude towards their environment and their safety was affected by the process, but also their trust in the political leaders got a boost in my perception. Their voices and concerns were heard, and the bond to the elite was strengthened. The nuclear lobby finally lost a fight!

Thinking about my own family planning in my new home I couldn't pass on researching the local situation. First finding: there are TEN nuclear plants closer than 200 miles from my home, which is the American Thyroid Association's recommended protective zone. (

ok, so much about that. But that was not even the worst news yet:

"The Most Dangerous Nuclear Plant in America Is About 30 Miles From New York City" (Headline,

at least the problem is well known by the government...

let's take care that at least the most dangerous plants are getting closed...I think we can do this by raising our voice (the times for political awareness are there), and by becoming independent from the plants. "I will raise my kids in a nuclear plant free zone" a vision that sounds as appealing as possible to me!
What do you think? Looking forward to read your comments.

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