Sunday, October 30, 2011

About 90% of the energy a household consumes ...

is used for heating and warm water! 3/4 from that is used to heat up the room. Time to take action. Lets talk about the potentials.


Heat is lost:
through the roof
through windows
through gaps around the door
through the walls
through the floor

Heat energy is transferred from homes by conduction (transfer through a material) through the walls, floor, roof and windows. It is also transferred from homes by convection (transfer through a liquid or gas). For example, cold air can enter the house through gaps in doors and windows, and convection currents can transfer heat energy in the loft to the roof tiles. Heat energy also leaves the house by radiation through the walls, roof and windows. If I hold a candle in front of the window, it doesn't need a hurricane to almost blow the candle. Ok, I might be exaggerating. Anyway, time to get some duct tape and silicone for some first aid, our windows for example are waisting energy big time! US households use 25% of the worlds oil. Every single step to improve the energy efficiency of our houses is welcome!

What do you think? Looking forward to read your comments.

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