Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Good news for you - the customer

The cost of solar cells and microchips has nowhere to go but down because of a supply glut for the commodity they’re made from, a brittle charcoal-colored semiconductor baked in ovens at 600 degrees centigrade.
Polysilicon has plunged 93 percent to $33 a kilogram from $475 three years ago as the top five producers more than doubled output, data compiled by Bloomberg shows. The industry next year will produce 28 percent more of the raw material than will be consumed, up from 20 percent this year, said Robert Schramm- Fuchs and Shai Hill, analysts at Macquarie Group Ltd.

While Solar manufacturers maybe not so happy about this, it certainly is good news for your pocket. And not to be forgotten: for the world of tomorrow. Free Energy, I still love that idea.

(source: Marginal Revolution)

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