Monday, November 28, 2011

Book Tip "The Agile City"

Christmas Time is coming, so let me read a little for you

Excerpt from "The Agile City" by James S. Russell

"As global warming effects become more evident, and the debate over what to do about it becomes more difficult, it's important to know that buildings can get to zero emission. After all, they are responsible for almost 40 percent of US greenhouse gas emissions. (...) The Agile City shows that change undertaken at the building and community levels can reach carbon-reduction goals rapidly, perhaps much quicker and at lower cost than shoving the economy into carbon submission with a disruptive range of carbon taxes (...). Buildings tend to use the dirtiest energy: electricity generated from coal. (...) A wide variety of tested tactics exist today to dramatically reduce the impacts of buildings on the environment, from old-fashioned awnings to new ways to light buildings with the sund and ventilate them with breezes. We're just leaving them on the table."

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