Sunday, February 5, 2012

Midtown Manhattan has more energy use than the whole country of Kenya

Whenever the Columbia University is in the news I am thrilled by their latest work. The Solar Map was groundbreaking and helped to raise the awareness of the unused potential of Solar Energy in NY. Their latest work provides an even more stunning insight to New Yorks energy usage.

New York City urban planners now have an important tool to help create energy reduction plans. An interactive map of New York has been developed by the Columbia University Engineering School to show the energy consumption of individual buildings across the five boroughs. Users can select a building on the map, see how much energy it uses, and what it uses the energy for. The data will help planners initiate energy conservation programs and know exactly which buildings and areas to target.

The map really brings to light the massive amounts of energy that New York City consumes. “Midtown Manhattan has more energy use than the whole country of Kenya, and New York state uses more energy than all of sub-Saharan Africa,” head of development Vijay Modi told Metropolis at the Wall Street Journal. “There is just this intense use of energy in cities like New York.”

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